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Himalayan Salt – Loaded with Minerals

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Posted on February 11 2020

Himalayan Salt – Loaded with Minerals - lenovieusa

Himalayan Salt –Health and Beauty Benefits

Himalayan salt. Even the name induces a calm feeling as you picture the snowy, beautiful Himalayan Mountains, with streams flowing along its foothills, the peace undisturbed by any humans. Anything with such a pure origin is bound to be good for us, right?

What Is Himalayan Salt?

Himalayansaltis a variety of salts mined from the foothills of the Himalayan mountain range, locatedmostly in Pakistan. The salt, which has been deposited on the beds of rivers and streams over thousands of years, is free from modern-day pollution as, before being mined, it was protected by layers of lava, ice, and snow for years.

When humans learned of its significance and benefits, Himalayan salt gained worldwide popularity as an ingredient in severalbeauty and health products. Today, these salts are actively mined from the Himalayas and exported all over the world.

The salts come in several, pretty colors; pink, orange and white. They contain up to 84 trace minerals,including magnesium, iron, and potassium; each mineral gives that salt its particular color. 

Besides its use in beauty products, Himalayan salt is also used in making lamps, as edible salt and in various other products like baths, scrubs, and detox drinks.

Beauty and Health Benefits of Himalayan Salt

  • Source of Minerals

Pure pink Himalayan salt can be used as a healthier alternative to regular table salt. Table salt is heavily refined, eliminating most of its minerals and leaving only high levels of sodium chloride. Himalayan salt is pure and is usually mined by hand, preserving its minerals. It contains only 87% sodium chloride and has traces of 84 other healthy minerals like calcium, potassium, and magnesium. People also incorporate Himalayan salts in their detox water.

  • Relaxes and Calms

Anecdotal evidence suggests that Himalayan bath salts have an extremely soothing and calming effect.  The science behind it is that the salts create negative ions in the environment, making you calm and stress-free. People often keep salt lamps in their rooms and take baths with Himalayan salts for this very reason.

  • Exfoliant

Himalayan salt is widely used in body scrubs, bath salts, and exfoliators. It has anti-microbial properties, it isn’t too harsh on the skin, and it is loaded with amazing minerals. Himalayan salt is also used to treat eczema and other skin problems and is generally considered very good for the skin, making it an ideal bath bomb ingredient.

  • Halotherapy

Pink salt has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial properties that help clear the lungs, reduce pollution from the environment, and strengthen the immune system. Because of these properties, Himalayan salt is used in halotherapy for patients with bronchitis, stress, and other diseases.

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