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Is Biotin good for you? Benefits of Biotin

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Posted on February 11 2020

Is Biotin good for you? Benefits of Biotin - lenovieusa

Biotin – The Answer to Your Hair Loss Problem. Is Biotin good for you? 

There is not a single discussion forum on healthy hair where biotin is not mentioned. No thread asking for advice on how to deal with excessive hair loss is complete without a biotin supplement recommendation. Women and men alike are smitten by biotin, and the significant change it brings to people suffering from hair loss. Sales for biotin supplements have skyrocketed in recent years as people realize the effect of biotin on hair loss.

What Is Biotin? 

Many people are unaware that biotin is a vitamin. Also known as Vitamin B7, biotin acts as a co-enzyme, which means it is responsible and necessary for the breaking down of amino acids, fatty acids, and carbohydrates. Biotin is present in small amounts in our foods such as eggs, milk, and bananas, and plays an important role in regulating cardiovascular, digestive, and metabolic health.
However, biotin gained commercial fame for the benefits that it provides for a person’s hair and nails. Said to help with hair fall, hair luster, and brittle nails, biotin started selling as a beauty supplement. Its reputation as a hair and nails supplement is accepted far and wide, so much so that biotin is often nicknamed Vitamin H, after the German term for hair and nails, Haar and Haut.

Biotin Deficiency

While there are no tests to determine the biotin levels in our bodies, a biotin deficiency is often recognized through its symptoms. Dry, brittle nails and limp, damaged hair that is prone to breakage are usually associated with low vitamin B7 levels by physicians. Biotin supplements are often suggested to stop hair fall if no other underlying problem is discovered.

Does Biotin help hair growth? is biotin good for you? 

Apparently, yes! There is even research to support it. To understand how exactly, let's dive into the science behind it.

Like we already discussed, biotin breaks down and processes the amino-acids in our bodies. It turns out, it helps the amino acids create a protein called keratin. Is this starting to sound familiar? Keratin is the building block of our hair. Biotin improves the protein synthesis and infrastructure of keratin, in turn, improving the quality and strength of our hair. Stronger keratin bonds ensure stronger hair strands that do not fall off so easily. 

However, it must be stated that hair fall is best remedy by consuming a combination of minerals and vitamins, and biotin alone might not be enough to help stop your hair fall woes. It is recommended to pair biotin with other minerals such as zinc, selenium, and calcium, and herbs such as nettle root, saw palmetto, bamboo extract Alfalfa, and spirulina, to get your desired healthy, shiny mane of hair.

Biotin Supplements

Vitamin B7 is a water-soluble vitamin, which means it is not absorbed through the skin. It can only be effective when it is taken orally through biotin food sources or supplements. Consult a health specialist about the appropriate regular dose. Opt for high-quality biotin supplements derived from Natural plant food sources and flaunt your beautiful locks to the world! Lenobelle is one such supplement, containing biotin, minerals, vitamins, and herbs, specially formulated for healthy, gorgeous hair.


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