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Healthy Skin – Diet Plan

Lenovie USA

Posted on February 11 2020

Healthy Skin – Diet Plan - lenovieusa

Diet Suggestions for Healthier Skin

Since we were kids, we’ve heard about the benefits of a healthy, balanced diet. Mom told us to stay away from candies and processed foods because they provide no nutritional value to our bodies. Alas, we never listened. Now, we’re hooked onto excessive amounts of processed sugary drinks and fast food, all the while complaining about our skin not being a soft and supple as it’s supposed to be.

Our skin needs a mix of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to keep it healthy, glowing, and strong enough to fight off attacks by dirt, grime, and bacteria. 

If we start eating consciously and responsibly, making sure to provide our bodies with all that it needs, we will start to see a difference. Pair it up with exercise, and with time, you will be emitting a healthy, happy glow. 

But nipping the problem in the bud will result in long-term respite from dull, unattractive and vulnerable skin. 

Here are a few tips on eating healthy and regulating your lifestyle.

  • Drink water or detox drinks on an empty stomach. Make a habit of drinking water before your meals, and the first thing you do after you wake up.
  • Consume most vegetables raw. That’s how you can take advantage of all that they have to offer. Cooking and frying take away much of the nutritional value of these types of food. 
  • If you feel like snacking, stick to healthy, organic foods such as yogurt, nuts or seeds

Here are a few foods that you can incorporate into your diet to get beautiful skin. 

Fatty fish, such as salmon, are rich in omega-3, and lots of vitamin E. A deficiency of omega-3 acids can cause the skin to become dry. Consuming a healthy amount of fish gives you the proteins that your body needs and keeps your skin supple and soft. 


Given the nickname of ‘superfood for the skin,’ avocados are rich in vitamin E and healthy fats. The fats help to lower the inflammation, while vitamin E performs the duties of an antioxidant. Consuming avocados can help slow down skin damage, lock moisture in, and prevent premature wrinkling, acne, and dullness. 


Adopt seeds and nuts as your go-to snacks. Though they are little, they pack an impressive amount of vitamins and minerals, including phosphorus, magnesium, vitamins K, and E. But perhaps, most importantly, seeds are an incredible source of omega-3 fatty acids, which can be magical for your skin. 

Leafy Greens

Dark green, leafy vegetables are a must in your diet. Spinach, lettuce, coriander, broccoli, and many more are absolutely necessary if you want gorgeous skin. Leafy greens are loaded with antioxidants and essential vitamins, which can do wonders for your skin with regular consumption.


Of course, how can you forget fruits? Eaten as snacks or desserts, fruits give you everything - bioflavonoids, fruit sugars, and a plethora of vitamins. Different fruits have different combinations of nutrients and benefits, but all are extremely valuable to your skin’s health. 

Meanwhile, keep drinking plenty of water and see the miraculous transformation of your skin in a few months.

Avocado, fish and brocoli

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