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Tips for Bigger and Stronger Muscles

Lenovie USA

Posted on February 11 2020

Tips for Bigger and Stronger Muscles - lenovieusa

3 Ways of Gaining Bigger and Stronger Muscles

Most people start out at the gym with a clear goal of what they want to achieve. Quite frankly, getting healthier is hardly the objective of most young people. They want more aesthetic, tangible benefits out of gymming; like greater muscle mass, abs, and superior stamina. 

Most young men are obsessed with the idea of muscle building, not realizing the hard work they need to put in it to achieve something. Muscle growth doesn’t happen overnight; it takes time, resilience, and discipline. 

From following strict workout routines to consuming only certain foods that are suggested by your trainer, gaining muscle mass is no easy task. Though a trainer or an instructor would be able to guide you better and give you more useful tips, we can share a few hints that work, too.

  • Lift Every Other Day

Take a break between your weight-lifting days. While you might think that the more you lift, the more your muscles grow, this is not true. Your muscles actually grow when they’re resting after a stimulating workout, not during the workout itself. Thus, it would be smart to adjust your workout days so that there’s a day of rest in between. 

Protein synthesis continues up to 48 hours following your intense workout. Let your muscles rest during this time, so they can exploit the full benefits of the workout session, giving you visible muscle enhancement in a shorter time. 

  • Eat More Meat

There is a direct relationship between the rate of protein synthesis and muscle mass gained. The more your body makes and stores protein, the better it is for your muscles. However, the body is also constantly using up the protein to perform other bodily functions, like making hormones and repairing tissues. 

This drains your reserves of proteins. Thus, it is advised that you eat more meat. Eating meat provides the body with sufficient protein stores and makes sure there’s enough left for your muscles after your body uses it up for other purposes. You should eat 1 gram of meat for every pound of bodyweight you have. However, do not neglect your carbohydrates and vitamins!

  • Take Creatine Supplements

Creatine has been popularized as a potent gym supplement. Touted to help you perform better, tire you out less and give you better muscle mass, creatine has become a common name around people who weight-lift. How does it work, though? Your body needs a substance called ATP (adenosine triphosphate), which gives it the desired energy for muscle contractions, which results in the protein synthesis, which is what eventually gets you greater muscle mass and strength.

Creatine is already present in our bodies, but in a very small amount. It gets utilized during an intense workout, and hence, some people prefer to supplement the amount of creatine in their bodies with dietary supplements of creatine.

Lenogize is a dietary supplement, with creatine and a blend of other amino acids as its main ingredients. It can help you gain the muscle mass that you crave, provided you follow regular diets and workouts alongside the supplementation.

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